10 things a couple should do before the wedding

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It’s so exciting to be engaged. Congratulations! We know you’re ready to get the planning started so we put together a list of  these 10 things a couple should do before the wedding to walk into the sunset happily ever after.

1. Start a joint savings account for your wedding.

This serves three purposes. One, you are working independently towards a joint venture;  two, it is a responsibility you share together and; three, it teaches you to work together to achieve a mutual goal.  In every marriage being accountable, united and dutiful together are pertinent to resolving some of the tougher situations that may come around.

2. Sign up for Marriage Preparation Classes. Whether it’s through your church or through a relationship counsellor, it is important to really delve into some of the deeper issues that you may come across as a couple. These group-style classes are designed to prepare you for marriage and have proven to be very helpful.

3. Create a Budget for your wedding.

Create your must have guest list and the things that are non-negotiable for your wedding and get a consultation (usually around $150 and up) with a Wedding Planner to create a budget for your wedding. You can’t determine the amount of time and money you will require if you don’t have every detail accounted for.

4. Talk about your current financial situation.

Don’t go into your married life with baggage. Be open with eachother about any outstanding debt, bankruptcy’s, consolidations, bonuses and salary increases. Remember you are joining your lives together and transparency is key to a happy union.

5. Meet & Get to know each-other’s families.

It is important that you really get to know one another’s families. It’s true that you won’t be living with them, but the way you each interact with your family and how the family interacts with your other-half is important to know before marriage. That way if there are any questionable situations, they are addressed prior to your wedding day. The last thing you both need is drama on your important day.

6. Go on vacation together.

Take a trip or several via plane, car, train or ship. Whatever it is, spending time together away from it all and learning the all important act of compromising. It will also give you insight on what the other likes to do when they are in their most relaxed environment. Are you both adventure travellers or do you have different ideas what makes the best trip? Compromise is important when traveling as a pair.

7. Give each other some space.

Don’t bombard the other with wedding plans. Likewise don’t suffocate the other by creating situations where they are away from their friends and family all the time and solely focused on you. It’s not healthy. Take breaks and give the other a chance to miss you. A change of atmosphere and socializing is healthy and very important in creating a blissful marriage.

8. Have the ‘kid’ conversation.

You don’t want to get married and fine out a few months later that your spouse has no  interest in having kids while you want a team of them. There is nothing worse than having to choose after you have already wed.

9. Discuss your life goals.

What are your goals independently and as a couple. Are they feasible and will you have the support of your spouse on things you want to do? It’s important to let your spouse know what your plans and dreams are. If your dream is to sail across the world upon retirement and your spouse wants a house in the country with horses, it’s good to discuss all this. There are ways to compromise so you both are supporting each others present and future dreams.

10. Discuss your spousal duties.

What will your responsibilities be once you are married? Talk about sharing household chores, who will be responsible for the bills and accounting as well as date nights. It’s easy to get so wrapped up in ‘life duties’ that you romance goes out the door. Find a schedule and balance before you get married so that the transition is flawless.

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