2014 Trending Wedding Colours

Every fall we look to Pantone to inform us of what upcoming trending wedding colours will be in for the Spring/Summer 2014 (The fall colours will be out in the spring). These are the colours that we will see more and more of in the fashion world come the new year and as we know the fashion world has a huge influence on so many design related trends. So, it’s no surprise that the Pantone Colours will make their way into new wedding fashions as well as into our wedding decor and design palettes throughout next year.

The 2013 Spring’s colours from Pantone www.pantone.com

This past Spring we saw Emerald take centre stage as when it was announced as the colour of the year and it definitely was a beautiful choice and we positively loved it. However, 2014′s colour of the year has got to be one of our favourites! We are excited to announce that the choice 2014 Pantone colour is Dazzling Blue! Using Traveling, Women-Power and Blooming Flowers as inspiration, the 2014 hues are vibrant and revitalizing. Here are the top 10 colours in this stunning colour palette for the upcoming new year.

The Pastel:

  • Tranquil and Peaceful,  Placid Blue
  • Romantic and Vintage, Violet Tulip
  • Ornamental and Chic, Hemlock
The Neutral:
  • Carefree and Relaxing, Sand
  • Sophisticated and Cool, Paloma
The Bright:
  • Spicy and sweet, Cayenne
  • Fun and Lively, Freesia
  • Warm and Vibrant, Celosia Orange
The Bold:
  • Regal and Vibrant, Orchid
  • Rich and Glamorous, Dazzling Blue

2014 Pantone Colours

Pair the Pastels with the Bolds, the Neutrals with the Brights and the Bold with the Neutrals to create some fun and exciting combinations that can make your wedding stand out.
What colour pairings do you love? Did they make the 2013 or 2014 Pantone list? Let us know by leaving a comment for us. Stay tuned for a future blogpost for our Inspiration Board using some of our Pantone Inspired Colours of 2014.

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