5 Tips to creating the Perfect Wedding Theme.

5 Tips to Creating the Perfect Wedding Theme :: 5-tips-to-creating-the-perfect-wedding-theme

Credit: thegreatgatsby.warnerbros.com/

Using Themes for your wedding can be so much fun, but it is so easy to break the bank, not to mention get tacky when working with themed ideas.
Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track when planning your Themed Soiree.
We’ll be using some examples from the Jazz Age, The Great Gatsby Movie throughout the tips to keep you visualizing.

  1. Visualize & Brainstorm. It’s easy to go from cool and funky to drab and tacky when creating themes. That’s why it’s important to visualize your event from start to finish: From receiving the invitation as a guest to the end of the reception and everything in between. Brainstorm various ideas by writing down anything and everything that comes to mind about your theme.
  2. Create a realistic budget for the things you are envisioning. You might find that the things you want are way above what you are able to spend. Great Gatsby Example: that tall magnificent orchid centerpiece on Monday’s Inspiration Post  can cost your upwards of $500.00 per centerpiece.
    Bonus Budget Tip: Get your creative hat on and start thinking outside the box! For example a room full of Center pieces of feathers; A Faux-Pearl Frame for your table numbers & even a single orchid on top of everyone’s napkin can give your room the perfect boost for a theme like The Great Gatsby and cost as little as $150.00 per table.
  3. Invitations and your personal wedding website. Remember that your invitation sets the tone for your event as does your wedding website.
    Great Gatsby example: if feathers are part of your theme, why not use a feather in the invite or Maybe your wedding website can have Pearls as the menu selection tool and play 20’s jazz in the background.
  4. Fanfare: From the moment your guests arrive to your ceremony & reception, the theme should be present. Your colours, alter pieces, pew markers and even programs should all be consistent to your theme. For the ceremony program, menu cards, table numbers, seating cards, use the same stationary & design as the invitation. Upon arrival at the reception you can have Flapper girl’s serving your signature champagne & a Jazz trio playing.
  5. Guest Favours: Having a little gift for your guests upon departure is always a good idea for themed events. It shows appreciation to your guests and is something that will create the perfect ending to a perfect night.
    Great Gatsby example: consider giving guests mini champagne bottles with your names on it.

No matter what your theme is, remember to have fun with it all, after all it’s your marriage that you are celebrating and sharing with your loved ones

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