5 Wedding Myths Exposed: Fact or Fiction

5 Wedding Myths Exposed: Fact or Fiction :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/5-wedding-myths-exposed-fact-or-fiction
1.You’ll know it’s the ‘The right one’ because you’ll cry when you see yourself in it (re: wedding dress).

Fiction: Everyone reacts differently. Not every woman is a tearjerker. In fact, many women don’t cry at all when they are in their dress, not even on their wedding day. This does not in any way mean you haven’t made the right choice in wedding attire. All that matters is that you are happy with the choice. Trust us, you will know when you have found the dress you love.

2. Getting your invitations online is cheaper than going to a local invitation company.

Fact, but with caution: Although it’s true you can find invitations online that will be the fraction of the cost that you would pay getting them designed and printed locally from a invitation specialty company or Printer, it comes at a cost. You will not get anywhere near the same quality of paper, in most cases it will be a digital print with cheaper inks used and typically you are stuck with a templated invitation used by hundreds of couples.
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3. Destination weddings are cheaper & easier to plan.

Fiction: Destination Weddings are not necessarily cheaper & or easier. These days couples are opting to make their weddings a weeklong fiesta in a dream destination instead of a one day celebration locally and they are inviting anywhere from 50-250 guests. The budget rule remains the same: the more guests, the more money you will spend.  You also will need to hire a professional Destination Wedding Planner and Travel agent to help you plan, otherwise what is a very exciting and memorable wedding will turn into your biggest stress. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post covering Destination Wedding Planning.

4. Hiring a wedding planner will help you stay on budget.

Part Fact/Part Fiction: This one is 50/50. It’s true that if you hire a Professional Wedding Planner for Full Planning Services, they will create a budget for you to work from & even manage the budget for you, it’s ultimately up to you what you spend. A Wedding Planner cannot be responsible if you went ahead and purchased a $350 centerpiece when the allotted budget called for $150.00.

5. Uploading a wedding song list onto your iPod & attaching it to a speaker is a great cost saving alternative to hiring a DJ.

Fiction: Nothing can replace a Professional DJ or Band. Your iPod is for your listening pleasure on your own, in your car or at a Backyard BBQ with friends; it is not a cheaper DJ alternative for your wedding. This is definitely not the place to save on your budget. Guests always remember the entertainment. The iPod will not be consistent & you will have to assign a friend or family member (aka YOUR GUEST) to work it to ensure nothing goes wrong… and then feel terrible when it does. This is a terrible idea from start to finish. Definitely hire a professional to create an unforgettable time.

Did you already know these facts? Do you have any myths that you’d like to dispell? Post them below! We’d love to hear from you.

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