Acceptable Use and Confidentiality

As an advertiser in The Perfect Wedding Guide you are entitled to use the lists of leads that we post on this site. By downloading or viewing these lists, you agree to abide by this acceptable use and confidentiality policy.

These lists and any information contained therein are to be used only by a company or person advertised in the current edition of The Perfect Wedding Guide. The only acceptable use of the information contained in the lists is for promotion of the advertised company or person by direct contact to the respondents in the lists by means of email, telephone or direct mail. The information contained in the lists is not to be shown to, given to, lent to or sold to anyone outside your company or used for any other purpose.

The value of these lists depends on everyone who has access to them following this acceptable use and confidentiality policy. It is incumbent on each of us to use the lists responsibly and keep their confidentiality so that we can all achieve maximum benefit from them. By adhering to the acceptable use and confidentiality policy, we protect the value of the lists and the privacy of our customers.

Important: When sending group emails to the list, it is important to mask or hide the recipients’ email addresses. One way to do this is to place the recipients in the “bcc” field and not the “cc” field or the “to” field. Failure to do so compromises the confidentiality of the list and exposes the recipients to spam and other possible abuse, and therefor constitutes inappropriate use of the list.

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