Celebrity Designed Wedding Dresses

This week we were so inspired by Shenae Grimes (of 90210 & Degrassi Fame) who wore a magnificent, gorgeous Black Vera Wang Gown for her recent wedding to model/musician Josh Beech. We just had to write this post & honestly, who doesn’t love Celebrity Weddings? From the gorgeous engagement & wedding ring’s, venues & florals, wedding planners and designers and of course the magnificent wedding dress.

Black Shenae Grimes -Josh Beech Dress :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Shenae Grimes: www.eonline.com

As far back as we can remember, Celeb Brides have worn everything from Beautiful Ball Gowns, Traditional and Sexy Mermaid Dresses, Coloured Frocks and even fabulous Suit’s to say “I do”.

Let’s reminisce for a moment of five very inspiring and also very different looks that we have ooh’d and aah’d over.

Think back to the intimate & elegant wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi? Designer Zac Posen designed two very stunning but different looks for Brides Portia and Ellen. Portia’s was a Princess Style Halter Gown and Ellen’s a lovely white tuxedo. Who says your wedding dress has to literally be a ‘dress’?

Portia De Rossi - Zac Posen :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Ellen and Portia: www.people.com

Recently, Elizabeth Taylor’s first Wedding Gown (she’s been married 8 times in total), made by Costume Designer Helen Rose and gifted to her by MGM Studios after filming Father of the Bride, sold at auction for over $180,000.00  The dress itself is a stunning luxurious Pearl Embroidered Satin Masterpiece that embodies the look and feel of Hollywood’s Golden Era!

Liz Taylor Wedding :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Elizabeth Taylor: www.alamy.com

Liz Taylor :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Elizabeth Taylor: www.christies.com

Did someone say Country Vintage? Kate Moss did it right when she wore a one-of-a-kind form-fitted gown adorned with sheer panels and showered with crystal by designer John Galliano.

Kate Moss :: http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Kate Moss: www.cosmopolitan.co.uk

Last but certainly not least, we are back with some colour with the lovely and fun Gwen Stefani. Her absolutely breathtaking two-toned white & pink over-the-top Galliano Dress embodied the spunky Gwen to the T.

Gwen Stefani ::  http://www.theperfectweddingguide.com/celebrity-designed-wedding-dresses

Gwen Stefani: http://www.abc.net.au/

The thing that all these wedding dresses have in common is that they are custom created to highlight the celebrity’s style and personality… not to mention that they cost a fortune too.


Now, moving forward, we are anxiously awaiting to see what theses upcoming Celebrity Brides will be wearing. What do you think Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Kelly Clarkson , Avril Lavigne  & Jessica Simpson will wear walking down the aisle?


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