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Wedding Flowers are an essential part your wedding look. A reputable Toronto wedding florist or professional wedding decorator will guide you through the process of selecting the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding. Most of the work with the flowers is done the day before and the morning of the wedding when you and your family are the busiest. Therefore unless the floral displays are very simple it’s a good idea to have them professionally prepared. We provide you with a list of the very best wedding florists and decor specialists in the Toronto area for you to choose from.

Choosing a Florist

Look through our comprehensive listing of Toronto area wedding florists and floral decorators. We provide information, phone numbers and addresses as well as direct links to their web sites and emails. Ask people you know for their recommendations and to share their experiences with wedding florists. Narrow your list down to a few and then visit several to look at their displays. Most florists will allow you visit them at a time when they have prepared flowers for other weddings so that you can see the quality of their work.

Booking your Toronto Wedding Florist
Twelve to nine months before your wedding date, you should choose a florist and reserve your date. You should wait until the wedding attire is chosen before deciding on your wedding flowers, so sometime between six and three months before your wedding you should finalize your order with the florist. See our Wedding Checklist for all the details.

Your Bridal Bouquet

Let your bridal bouquet set the tone for the rest of your wedding flowers and floral decorations. Your bouquet should harmonize with your dress, wedding theme, and personality. When considering your bouquet, think about colour, shape, size, and style.

Traditionally the bride’s bouquet was composed of white flowers to symbolize purity. Many still choose to have a white bouquet, many also choose colours which complement the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the general colour scheme of the wedding. Using one variety of flower in different shades of the same colour can give a formal look with a contemporary feel. For an informal, relaxed look try having a mixture of varieties and colours in a hand-tied bouquet. You might want to take a sample of fabric from the bride’s dress to the florist to help match colours, even if the bride has a white wedding dress and wants a white bouquet because whites can vary in their shade and intensity.

There are several classic shapes of bouquet and good florists can show you photographs to demonstrate them. The florist should also be able to advise on which flowers match the chosen shape bearing in mind the colour scheme and seasonal availability.

The most popular designs include the “trailing waterfall” shape and the round “posy” of tightly arranged flowers. The “trailing waterfall” shape draws the eye from top to bottom. The cascading shape of the bouquet best complements a full length skirt. It can look unbalanced with shorter skirt lengths.

The posy style of bouquet is held just below waist level. If this is likely to obscure a feature of the dress which you particularly wish to be seen, you can choose a bouquet which lies across the arm.

Larger bouquets suit formal, long dresses while smaller bouquets or even a single bloom are more in proportion with a knee-length dress.

The bouquet ribbons are tied at the ends into knots to symbolize unity.


Some brides choose to wear floral headdresses. A well chosen headdress can create a very special effect. Your bridesmaids or Maid of Honour may also wear floral headdresses or incorporate flowers into their hair styles. Your florist should be able to give advice on matching the headdress to the dress and the bouquet.


Bridesmaids usually carry posies which are smaller than the bride’s bouquet. Colour and style should match their dresses and the overall scheme of the wedding. A smaller and tighter bouquet or a small basket can be made for the flower girl.

Body Flowers

Corsages may be worn by the mothers of the bride and groom.

Buttonholes or boutonnières are usually worn by the groom, the fathers of the bride and groom, the best man and the ushers. If the you wish, you may even provide buttonholes for all their guests. The groom often wears a single white carnation to match the brides dress. The best man and the fathers wear a double red carnation and the ushers a single red or white carnation. Other colours of carnation and other flowers, for example roses, may also be worn as buttonhole. Roses are usually supplied by florists with a sprig of greenery and the stems wrapped so they are easy to fasten and remain fresh for the whole proceedings.

Floral Decor for Your Toronto Wedding

Your ceremony: You should check with your minister, or other officiant to see if and where flowers are permitted in the wedding venue. Flowers at the ceremony may include an alter arrangement, an arrangement for the signing table, flowers for the entrance, pew ends, aisle ends, columns, window ledges, etc.

Your reception: Typically, the wedding reception venue is decorated with floral arrangements at the entrance and centrepieces on the tables with a special arrangement for the head table. You may also have flowers for the gift and cake tables and as a cake topper. The floral theme should be the consistent throughout the ceremony and reception.

Floral Checklist

You may not need all of these but here is a partial list of wedding flowers and floral items to consider: Bridal bouquet, bouquets or flowers for the bridal attendants, corsages for the mothers, boutonnières for the groom, ushers and fathers, flowers for the ceremony, and flowers for the reception.
Preserving Your Bouquet

There are several ways of preserving the bouquet as a keepsake or souvenir. The bouquet can be dried and kept whole or dismantled and made into a collage of the dried, pressed flowers. Either can be displayed framed under glass or in a display box. You could have a replica made of the bouquet from silk flowers. See our page on floral preservation.

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