Groomsday: Tuxedo or Suit? Pick What’s Right For Your Wedding Day!

Happy #WeddingWednesday Brides, Grooms and Vendors!

Time to focus on our Grooms-to-be! It’s fair to say that more often than not the Bride is the center or attention and ‘planner’ of the wedding while the Groom-to-be stands on the sidelines simply being informed of the decisions that have been made or gives the sign-off on them. However, there are some decisions that he should to be involved in. Brides, we encourage your to take notes.

In general, the Bride-to-be decides on colour, design and florals. We get it Brides, you have a clear idea of what you want since you’ve been planning this from the time you were a wee toddler; but unless your Groom-to-be was your play date, he was just a shadowed figure in that vision with no voice. It’s time to empower your men and get into compromising mode. You might find that your Groom’s also have a vision and it might not involve pink and lavender florals with frilly chair covers. Remember that your men do have great taste ladies; after all they did choose you to spend their lives with. However, that pink vest you want him to wear with that white Tuxedo may not be his idea of debonair. Just like Brides want to look beautiful and feel like royalty on their wedding day, Grooms want to feel refined and sexy with a touch of class & sophistication; and there are not many things sexier than a well-dressed man.

So, what does a Groom wear on their wedding day? A Tuxedo or a Suit?

Well, here is our answer. Both a suit and a Tuxedo are dapper and spruce up your look but all in all it depends strongly on what the Groom-to-be wants to feel like. Does he want to feel dashing like James Bond or smart like Tom Cruise in the Firm? Also depending on what type of wedding you are having this will play a role. For example, if you are getting married on a beach in Mexico it may make more sensed to wear a light cotton suit as opposed to a heavy tuxedo. If you are having formal wedding at stunning venue or the well-manicured lawn of a mansion, then you will want to up the ante and wear a tux.

Here are the main differences:

A Tuxedo takes formality to the highest level. It is the perfect piece to for a luxurious event like a wedding. There are many cuts of jackets and usually comes in Black or White. The lapel of the tux is satin as is the stripe on the side of the pants; The Jacket buttons are covered in fabric and although originally only had one button, there are now two or more buttoned jackets. A Tuxedo has no belt loops and cufflinks are used instead of buttons on the shirt cuffs. The shirt worn is typically pleated although more modern styles give some variation on that and either suspenders or cummerbunds are worn that match the bowtie or tie around the neck.

A Suit on the other hand is something that you would wear as a guest and depending on your job, at work. Although amazing designers have taken the design and customization of suits to a whole new level these days, a suit is less formal than a Tuxedo. A suit uses one fabric through out and uses plastic buttons. The shirt worn is a regular button down shirt with plastic buttons on the cuffs. The suit can be worn with or without a vest, and tie, although bowties are also worn.

Overall the best thing to do is to check out different tuxedo’s and suits online and in magazines and print of cut out the ones you love. Then we recommend taking those clippings to one of our great Men’s Formal vendors and have one of the amazing professionals help you decide on the best look for you and your wedding.

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