5 Wedding Nightmares that can ruin your wedding

In celebration of Halloween, we thought it would be a good time to share with you some of the most horrific scenarios we’ve ever heard of that can leave your Toronto Wedding scrambling. We know you want the perfect wedding and everything you have spent tireless hours planning will be ‘out-of-this-world’ stunning.  However, Wedding Nightmares do happen and regardless of how many ‘Plan B’s’ you have for each wedding element, you will not be 100% ready for them. Here is a list of 5 Wedding Nightmares that can ruin your wedding.

Photo credit: Dailymail.co.uk

  1. Medical Emergency – Anything from an immediate family member suffering a a heart attack to the Groom having a severe allergic reaction and rushed to the hospital, are things that can stop the wedding dead in it’s tracks.
  2. Death in the family – Picture this nightmare: A father goes up to make a beautiful speech and toast for his daughter and new son-in-law and in mid-sentence collapses from a heart attack. That is exactly what happened to one couple who were having a beautiful wedding until the Brides father fell and never got back up. Read it here.
  3. Venue Closure – The most recent disaster of the Government shut down in the States left many couples scrambling for a solution since the shutdown forced the closure of national parks and museums. One couple from New Jersey had all theirs and their guests flights an accommodations booked for the Grand Canyon and had to cancel last minute.
  4. Severe Weather – What happens if Mother Nature crashes  your wedding plans? Unfortunately it can and does happen on occasion. From last year’s Hurricane Sandy to the Earthquake that shook up a Chinese wedding and left them with these photos.
  5. Bridal Store shutdown – It’s days before your wedding and you excitedly make the trek to pick up your wedding gown. When you get to the store, it’s vacant. “Smashed mirrors, broken windows, drywall on the floor, labels on the floor . . . garbage everywhere. At that point I knew what was going on. I turned around and said to my cousin: ‘She’s gone. She’s gone.’ ” Sarah Boston said of her horror in finding out that the Bridal Shop owner had closed shop and disappeared with, not only her money, but her dress too. See the full story here.

Blog credits: Toronto Star, Huffington Post, Daily Mail.co.uk, CNN, Fox News

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