I’m Engaged! Now what?

Engagement Season is here & despite the bitterly cold temperatures we went through here in Toronto, the warmth of love and excitement of newly Engaged couples is heating things up really fast!

The Canada’s Bridal Show started the weddings shows off with a bang on the first weekend of the year!  As always, it also marked the launch of our 2014 PWG Wedding Planning Directory or as our couples like to call it, the Planning Bible.

As we met and chatted with many and got to know some of the Brides-; & Grooms-to-be, there were a few questions that kept coming up often. The one that came up most often is: “I’m Engaged! Now what?”

It’s easy to get overwhelmed once you get engaged, but we encourage you to enjoy every step of the way. Go to Bridal Shows, sign up for wedding contests, get on Pinterest.com to create your dreamy vision boards, discuss different wants with your fiancé, flip through wedding magazines & the PWG ‘Bible’ and just have fun being engaged. It’s easy to feel rushed and get ahead of yourself, but there is no ‘written rule’ that says you have to set a day immediately, pick your venue etc. right away. Take a breather; enjoy the new bling on your finger and when you’re ready start planning, open up the PWG planner and get to it. Here are a few Do’s to get you in the planning frame of mind.

  • Subscribe to our site and our blog: www.thepwg.ca – there is so much to guide you along and tips to ensure a stress-free planning journey.
  • Join Pinterest: www.pinterest.com – Along with your other half, create some vision boards. You want to both be on the same page when your planning begins.
  • Attend Wedding & Bridal Shows. You don’t need to book anyone right away, but it’s a great place to get ideas of things you like, check out fashion shows and meet great vendors that you might want to work with.
  • Discuss, with your fiancé, what things are must have’s and what things can be compromised on. Remember, you’re a couple and it’s a day for you both.
  • Discuss what you have to spend on the budget. If you have parents or any family contributing, have an open discussion with them as to what they will be helping you with. If it’s just the two of you, be realistic. The date you select should be based on when you will have enough money to pay for the wedding. Nobody wants to go into a marriage with serious debt.


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