Inside Front Cover

Dimensions Inches
Artwork Size 6-5/8 x 9-1/8
Page Area 6-1/8 x 8-7/8
Live Area 5-5/8 x 8-3/8
Safety 1/4
Left Side Bleed 1/8
Right Side Bleed 3/8
Top & Bottom Bleed 1/8

Your ad for the inside front cover will be spiral bound on the right side. The spiral binding uses about 1/4″ of page width. To ensure that your printed ad will be properly centred on the page and will have enough bleed to cover the area under the spiral binding, it is necessary for you to build your ad to the exact dimensions specified.

Please refer to the illustrations below to guide you through building your ad to the necessary specifications.

Wedding Guide Front Cover

Artwork Size: 6-5/8 x 9-1/8
This size ensures that there is enough bleed, including that which goes under binding.

Live Area: 5-5/8 x 8-3/8
All the important elements of the ad, including all type, must be within this area.


Page Area: 6-1/8 x 8-7/8
This is the size of the visible page, not counting the area which will be partly hidden under the spiral binding. Everything outside of this area will either be cut off or partly hidden under the binding.

Bleed: 3/8″ on right, 1/8″ on top, bottom and left side
The 3/8″ bleed on the right ensures that there is enough for the binding as well as normal bleed.

Safety: 1/4″
This 1/4″ space between the live area and the edge of the page ensures that nothing gets too close to the edge, or even cut off, due to variations in trimming throughout the press run.

Inside Front Cover

Note how 1/4″ of the bleed on the right side is partly visible under the spiral binding. Note also how the live area is properly centred on the page and all the important elements of the ad have adequate breathing room due to the 1/4″ safety around the live area.

Toronto Wedding GuideWedding Book Front Cover

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