Inspired by Specialty Stations and Custom Bars

The one thing many couples have in common is that they want to have an element that is unique, fun, and -if you will- personalized. One of the fun forms we love to see here at the PWG is in the form of Specialty Stations, Custom late night savouries & Fun Bars or Buffets. Here are some great ideas that can inspire you and you can incorporate into your special day.

Specialty Stations & Bars:

Drink Stations: Flavoured Soda Stations, Lemonade, Milkshake or Margarita stations are fun and can be a great alternative to a signature drink for your cocktail hour.

Dessert Stations: Waffle, Crepe & Ice Cream Sundae Stations make for some great fun and delicious treats.

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Cocktail Dinner Stations: If you are not looking for a sit-down dinner but want your guests to still have the option of a substantial amount of food, here are our favourite possibilities. Prime Rib, Planked Salmon, Roast Ham or Roast Lamb Stations are a great addition.

Savoury Stations: Sliders, Poutine, Porchetta and even taco stations make for some tasty cocktail hour or late night dining fare.

Tasting Stations: Tasting stations can really give your guests something interactive to do. They are great for cocktail receptions or even if you just want your guests occupied while you do your photos. Here are some great options: Oysters, Scotch, Wine and Beer are becoming quite popular in turning your event from simple to crafty.

Themed-food Stations: Basically stations that are inspired by pop-culture component (literature, movie, fashion, era) or personal like . It can be anything from a pastry station for a ‘baking’ theme to a cake station of various sized cakes for an Alice in Wonderland Theme.

Cultural Stations: With so much fabulous culture-fusing going on, how can we not have something in this category? Here are some great selections.
The Philippines: a Halo Halo Station
Greece: Saganaki Station
Chinese/Japanese: Spring Roll Station
Vietnamese: Salad Wrap Station
German: Sausage & Beer Station
French: Cheese Station
Switzerland: Fondue or Chocolate Station

Self-Serve Bars: Candy bars are probably the most popular food bar-types. Additionally some bars we think are worthy competitors are: Sushi Bars, Tea Bars, popcorn Bars, and Martini Bars!

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Make-your-own Stations: Make your own bars or stations are super-fun and interactive, especially if you want guests mingling. Here are some that we have come across: Make-your-own cookies, donuts, Mashed Potatoes, Pizza and even an Omelet Station for a brunch affair,

Not for everyone but still pretty darn cool: Caviar Bars, Champagne-towers, oxygen bars and vodka-infused bars (have you ever had a bacon infused vodka in a Bloody Caesar? YUM!)

Do you have any ideas of some great stations or bars that can be incorporated into your wedding?

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