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The biggest hit at your wedding just may be the photobooth.

Imagine fun and laughter as you guests and wedding party mug for the camera making unique memories of your wedding day. Liven up your event while creating special memories.

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We have rentals on Wedding Photo Booths in Toronto at a great value.

Most couples that are planning their wedding want to have something unique and special that their guest can treasure after they leave the ceremonies. Do you not want something at your wedding that your guests will always remember? Toronto wedding photo booths are always a hit.Wedding photo booths in Toronto weddings are becoming increasingly popular and guests absolutely love them. For a number of years a popular idea at many weddings in North America was for the couple to leave disposable cameras all over the reception area and wedding chapel for the guests to take pictures of the event from their own eyes. These cameras were good ideas, but the pictures had to be developed and that could be costly and often the photos were not very good. Still the idea is fun and typically quite entertaining for both the special couple and the guests.

Wedding video booths in Toronto are also available from many of our vendors.

The newest modern wedding concept is to bring in a wedding photo booth for your Toronto area wedding and let your guests take home a cool and unique keepsake that they will remember a lifetime. The great thing is that every picture that they take will also be saved for you in a digital photo book. You will laugh and cry at the antics, smiles and shenanigans that your guests show in the wonderful pictures that they take before, during and after your wedding. Photo booths in Toronto weddings are more affordable than you think and they really do make a spectacular addition to any wedding. You will find an extensive list of vendors one The Perfect Wedding Guide’s website that can direct you to the most affordable and trusted wedding photo booths in Toronto. Many of our vendors also offer wedding video booths in the Toronto area for weddings of all types. Most every person that has a wedding photo booth in their Toronto wedding raves about their choice to rent them. Guests of all ages will have a blast with your Toronto wedding photo booth rental.