PWG Top Pick: Honeymoon in Zakynthos

Right about now many couples are either jetting off to, or starting to plan their honeymoons. We, at the, wanted to share some romantic and unique honeymoon inspiration and of course, with all this rain, we decided to focus our attention on sunny, hot and Glorious Greece.

Who wouldn’t love to have their honeymoon (or even get married) in Greece? It’s one of the most magical, passionate and ancient cultures in the world. When we think of the Greek Islands, we tend to think of the obvious: Santorini, Mykonos and; Rhodes. However, Greece is an amazing Country with a lot to offer. There are hundreds of exotic locations throughout Greece, be it the mainland’s or it’s many Romantic Islands. One such place is the Island of beautiful Zakynthos or as it’s famously known, Zante.

Zante is the third largest Island in the Ionian Sea (so, to visualize it is far West of Athens).  Zante is a hidden gem that’s full of romance and adventure! From it’s Blue Caves and Turtle (Marathonisi) Island to the Gorgeous Sunsets that can be enjoyed from Keri Beach and the adorning mountain at the Shiza in Kampi.

PWG top Pick: Honeymoon in Zakynthos ::

Imagine a gorgeous, exclusive property that is designed and decorated with Armani Casa pieces and stunning paintings by prominent Greek artists.; An seafront outdoor Spa Oasis with top of the line Outdoor Spa Treatments and; Thalassotherapy that provides the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation; A resort with a brilliant view of the nearby island of Kefalonia; A romantic and secluded, private world-class villa on the Bay, with white sandy beaches. The interior luxury of marble lined bathrooms and a living & dining area with fireplace. 24-hour service;  a large private garden and terraces on the water’s edge and  a mouthwatering Greek and Mediterranean restaurant offering the very best experience in a Contemporary Palace Resort and yes, there is such a place.

Check out the Imperial Spa Villa in Porto Zante in Tragaki for a truly lavish, private and breath-taking honeymoon experience.

PWG top Pick: Honeymoon in Zakynthos ::

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Did you know:

There are four words for love in the Greek language. The ancients thought that all  four must be present for a complete matrimonial union.

Agape: This is the love that we refer to as ‘True Love’. An unconditional selfless spiritual love that made you say ‘I do’.

Eros: “Love at First Sight!” It’s the passionate, romantic and intimate love that is not based on logic. Emotion and romance rule this love.

Philia: Loyal Love that is shared between lovers, family and friends alike.  In other words: Friendship.

Storge: Is the natural affection that allows you to get through hard situations and find acceptance in eachother.

Do you believe that all four must be present to make the perfect marriage?


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