Selecting the Right Photo Booth for Your Wedding

Photo Credit: Screen Speed

Photo Credit: Screen Speed

Selecting the right Photo booth for your wedding has a lot to do with your style, the number of guests you have, what you are using it for as well as your overall budget. Here are some great details to help you in the process of selecting your Perfect Photo Booth for your wedding.
Studio Style Photo Booth– No walls
Lights, Camera, Action! This Photo Booth consists of fun photographer, a background Wall or set, Props and usually a floor marker(s) for guests to stand on. There are also various backgrounds to consider.

  1. A White Screen that gives Photo Studio Glamour Style Photos. This is one of the most common Studio Style Booths.
  2. A Green Screen. This allows the Photographer to insert a digital background image before printing the image.
  3. Step and Repeat Wall. This is the Hollywood style wall that has a logo, names or image repeated throughout the screen.
  4. Living Booths or Vintage Style Booths: these booths are prop heavy and resemble a movie scene; they are per se, a live set. For example: picture a County-Western theme with an actual rustic wood-carved bar and stools and  Swinging wooden western-doors as the set. Guests can get in costume and the photographer can snap some great themed photos.

Digital Photo Booths.
These also come in many forms and have gained tremendous popularity. There is no need for an actual professional photographer as the system is computer based and the photos are taken by just a push of a button. They can be enclosed booths or open with no walls. The main factors that differentiate them are the type of camera, printer and lighting they use.
Cameras – Photobooths range in quality based largely on the camera used. While some units are very simple and use webcams, others use compact cameras, which are much better in quality. However, if quality is your thing and you might end up enlarging some of these images or viewing them on a larger scale, then the DSLR systems are far superior.

Lighting – Many of the lower quality booths use simple halogen lights. They are not colour calibrated; the lights produce a lot of heat; they are constant and they tend to create an orange hue to your images. A better option would be to get a Booth with Colour-calibrated lights. Although the lights are still continuous they don’t give off as much hear and the image colour is much better. Although best still are the Colour-calibrated diffused flash units where the light comes on only when the photo is taken; it gives the best colour balance and also serves as a great indicator of when the photo is about to be taken.

Printer – There are two types of printers and they are very different: The inkjet and the Dye Sublimation printers. Generally the inkjet is the one you’d buy for your home. It is slower and can smudge the ink if touched too soon. Usually it takes 45-60 seconds to dry and your photos will tend to fade as time goes on. The Dye Sublimation printers are quality printers that will likely rent for more. They work with a thermal head and ribbon, laminate the photos immediately in print-process and take anywhere from 10 to 25 seconds to print. Their quality is excellent and will provide longer lasting prints.

The Enclosed Digital booths come in soft wall or hard wall. Typically the hard wall booths are similar to the booths you see in malls or carnivals and the soft wall booths are pipe and drape which house a screen with a push button or computer with basic instruction. They both have a bench to sit on and typically accommodate 2-4 people, although with the soft wall, we’ve seen 8-10 people fit into a custom 10’x10’ booth.

There is no doubt that a photo booth will be a huge fun-factor to your wedding and super-memorable for your guests, just make sure that you have reserved your booth well in advance as they book up very fast, ensure that you have your booth rented for the right amount of hours based on your guest numbers, that you don’t bring it out so late that you miss some of your older guests and don’t be shy about asking your potential vendors any questions that will help you make the right decision for your reception.

Which Photo Booth do you think is right for you?

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