Special Slow Motion Video Booth Results in a Very Unique Wedding Video

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Whoever said this very popular phrase clearly hasn’t been introduced to video. Especially nowadays where, on average, a wedding day takes at least a year to plan. It is no wonder that in addition to photography, couples are turning to videography to capture every detail of their wedding day. This is not to say that everything else from the perfect wedding venue to the oh so dreamy wedding dress is not as important; but having it all captured, in every way possible, is becoming high priority for the bride and groom. After all, when the vows have been exchanged, the gorgeous décor has been enjoyed, the delectable food all consumed, the speeches made and the party beats danced to; all that remains are memories that are best captured by photography and videography. It is all the bride and groom will have left long after their wedding day is over.

Like everything else, the wedding industry is always evolving and couples are always looking for ways to make their wedding day even more special and so much more unique. So a few years back, photo booths started popping up at wedding receptions along with the traditional photography and videography services. They certainly made for a fun addition and captured some great candid photos of the guests.

As evolution would have it, instead of just the standard photo booths, couples can now opt to have a video booth set up at their wedding reception. In fact, the fun-loving newlyweds in the video below took things a step further by offering their guests a special booth that shoots video in slow motion. They hired the services of a video production company that set up their video booth at the reception using a RED Epic camera to capture all the footage. The video produced as a result was not only really fun for the couple to watch with their guests, but it also offered a fresh spin, or addition, to the traditional wedding video.


Such a fun video and a very clever idea!

Clearly these days the options, and possibilities, are endless. Almost anything the bride and groom come up with for their wedding day can be done. Not to mention, we are fortunate to live in a time where we can rely on various forms of photography and videography to capture the unexpected. Long gone are the days where we would have to rely on memory alone. All we need to do is flip through the photo album, or play the video, to see our memories unfolding before our eyes. These wedding photo albums and videos that become that much more precious as the years go by.

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