Seven Super Simple & Stress-Free Ways To Get Healthier For Your Wedding.

Seven Super Simple & Stress-Free Ways To Get Healthier For Your Wedding. :: Brides are self-conscious when preparing to go Wedding Dress Shopping. We constantly hear Brides wanting to wait until they lose some unwanted weight or tone up so that they get a better idea how the dress will actually look. Our philosophy here at the Perfect Wedding Guide is don’t waste time, embrace your curves and go find your wedding dress.

Unless you are not very set on a specific type of white and style of your dress and you are okay with purchasing a gown off-the-rack, you should order your dress 6-9 months prior to your wedding, which means that ideally you should start your Bridal Shop appointments 9-12 months prior to your wedding day. This gives you time to order a dress that might need to be customized.

Remember that many wedding dresses can be altered by 2-4 sizes so there is good leeway should there be any weight fluctuations by the time the first fitting comes along. Instead of putting the focus on losing weight, challenge yourself by eating healthier and being more active. Below are 7 simple things you can do to get healthier for your wedding and be in Perfect Bridal Form.

  1. Cut down your caffeine intake. Instead of getting that Large Timmies or Venti Whatchamacallit, order a small coffee or tea. Although it has been said that caffeine can be a great appetite suppressant there is no evidence that it helps you lose weight. The trick is not to suppress your appetite; it’s to eat healthier so that you have a good amount of energy to keep you going throughout the day and planning.
  2. Take the stairs or walk whenever possible. Instead of the elevators and escalators, take the stairs. It really doesn’t take that much more time and is a great way to burn some extra calories and tone up. Also, try parking and going into a restaurant instead of the drive-thru. Just that little bit of movement does help in the long run (and saves you gas too).
  3. Get to bed an hour earlier. Sleep is important. Although there can be a million things to research and plan to keep you up at night, it is important that you get the right amount of sleep. It will help with your overall mood and keep you in a sound decision making mode.
  4. Pack healthy snacks. Instead of going through the drive-thru for that quick snack wrap that can be anywhere from 250-500 bad calories, bring some sliced vegetables, nuts or fruit with you. Even Granola Bars are great. Aside from saving calories and money, you are taking in great vitamins and good proteins to keep you alert and in shape.
  5. Drink Water. Don’t leave home without your full water bottle. Most of the time when we feel hungry between meals, we are dehydrated. Water is the best hydration around and we are lucky we live in a city where our tap water is great, so it saves us money too.
  6. Incorporate Berries into your diet. Aside from being a great antioxidant, berries are great at keeping your skin glowing. Add them to your oatmeal, on their own or with yogurt.
  7. Add in a 10 to 20 minute easy exercise routine. You can do reps throughout the day. For example do 15-20 squats, 15-20 sit up’s, 15-20 push up’s and 15-20 leg lifts every chance you get: When you wake up, when you are waiting for your dinner to heat up, before you go to bed etc.

We’d love to hear your tips and what you do to keep healthy on a daily basis. Please comment below with your simple solutions.

The Origins of Wedding Traditions

Have you ever wondered where all our beloved wedding rituals began? The origins of some of the things we typically implement into our weddings are quite surprising and not as romantic as you might think, including the wedding itself.

The Wedding: There’s a lot of history here and most of it has nothing to do with love nor can it be covered in one paragraph. Here is a very small snippet based on ancient Greek and ancient Roman beliefs and customs. In the ancient world weddings were primarily focused on the father, or if the father was deceased, the nearest male relative arranging the marriage of a daughter to a worthy male. This was either a close extended family member or a family who provided an appropriate dowry. The actual marriage itself was the contract signing of the trade. It was usually a very sad day for the Bride as it meant she was now the property of her husband and his family. Throughout history, it was common that the act of marriage was contractual and the Bride, usually of a very young teen age was seen as property. As the centuries progressed, suitors and fighting for the lady’s hand in marriage became the romanticism that has evolved us to where we are today.

The Origins of Wedding Traditions ::

Photo Credit : Wikipedia

The White Wedding Dress:Contrary to popular belief and what the Bride’s parents would like to believe, the white dress has nothing to do with purity or virginity. In fact, old Christians actually used blue to symbolize purity as it depicted the Virgin Mary. The norm for wedding dresses was actually wearing your Sunday best. Although Red was a popular choice, any colour was acceptable. That is if you were of middle class or below. As far back as the 1500’s, only royal family members and the upper class would wear white. It was a symbol of your place in society, especially in England and in France, despite it being a colour of mourning in France. Since white fabric was so expensive to buy due to its difficulty to clean, it would be something that would only be worn once which in turn translated to your aristocratic stature. The White Wedding Dress as we know it today, became popular and mainstream only after Queen Victoria’s Marriage to Albert of Saxe-Coburg in 1840.

The Origins of Wedding Traditions ::

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The Bouquet:Believe it or not, the bouquet used to be just a few herbs and garlic. There are two schools of thought for this and it’s likely that both are factual: One, that the smell would ward of evil spirits; and two that the very potent-fragranced bouquet would cover up the stench of ‘death’ back in the dark days of the Plague. It was later that flowers started to be selected for their meanings and symbolism and now simply because the couple has a preferred floral design in mind.

The Bridesmaids and Bridesmaid Dresses: Back in Ancient times, Bridesmaids were used to ward off evil spirits. In fact, they would all wear a similar, if not the same dress as the Bride including veils so as to confuse the evil spirits into not being able to detect whom the Bride was. Nowadays, of course, Bridesmaids are our best friends, cousins and even sisters for moral support and to showcase their importance in the couple’s life.

Although this post is not our typical Inspirational Monday post, it is important to know where our rituals stem from, and even more importantly how far we’ve come. Most of us marry for love and wanting to build a life with our true love; We select our dress based on what we like, not being able to afford a specific colour; We don’t need to carry around garlic in our bouquet’s as we walk down the aisle, in fact, we don’t even have to carry flowers if we don’t want to; and the Bridal Party does not have to dress like the Bride, although wearing the same colour is a trend that has made a comeback.

There is a ton more wedding history that we will cover in a future post, what wedding traditions do you want to know the origin of?

Celebrity Designed Wedding Dresses

This week we were so inspired by Shenae Grimes (of 90210 & Degrassi Fame) who wore a magnificent, gorgeous Black Vera Wang Gown for her recent wedding to model/musician Josh Beech. We just had to write this post & honestly, who doesn’t love Celebrity Weddings? From the gorgeous engagement & wedding ring’s, venues & florals, wedding planners and designers and of course the magnificent wedding dress.

Black Shenae Grimes -Josh Beech Dress ::

Shenae Grimes:

As far back as we can remember, Celeb Brides have worn everything from Beautiful Ball Gowns, Traditional and Sexy Mermaid Dresses, Coloured Frocks and even fabulous Suit’s to say “I do”.

Let’s reminisce for a moment of five very inspiring and also very different looks that we have ooh’d and aah’d over.

Think back to the intimate & elegant wedding of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi? Designer Zac Posen designed two very stunning but different looks for Brides Portia and Ellen. Portia’s was a Princess Style Halter Gown and Ellen’s a lovely white tuxedo. Who says your wedding dress has to literally be a ‘dress’?

Portia De Rossi - Zac Posen ::

Ellen and Portia:

Recently, Elizabeth Taylor’s first Wedding Gown (she’s been married 8 times in total), made by Costume Designer Helen Rose and gifted to her by MGM Studios after filming Father of the Bride, sold at auction for over $180,000.00  The dress itself is a stunning luxurious Pearl Embroidered Satin Masterpiece that embodies the look and feel of Hollywood’s Golden Era!

Liz Taylor Wedding ::

Elizabeth Taylor:

Liz Taylor ::

Elizabeth Taylor:

Did someone say Country Vintage? Kate Moss did it right when she wore a one-of-a-kind form-fitted gown adorned with sheer panels and showered with crystal by designer John Galliano.

Kate Moss ::

Kate Moss:

Last but certainly not least, we are back with some colour with the lovely and fun Gwen Stefani. Her absolutely breathtaking two-toned white & pink over-the-top Galliano Dress embodied the spunky Gwen to the T.

Gwen Stefani ::

Gwen Stefani:

The thing that all these wedding dresses have in common is that they are custom created to highlight the celebrity’s style and personality… not to mention that they cost a fortune too.


Now, moving forward, we are anxiously awaiting to see what theses upcoming Celebrity Brides will be wearing. What do you think Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Kelly Clarkson , Avril Lavigne  & Jessica Simpson will wear walking down the aisle?