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Once in a while as we are either surfing the net, reading the paper or flipping through magazines in search of great inspirations to bring to our readers, we come across some very inspirational ‘feel good’, warm-your-heart, selfless acts that engaged couples or even their loved ones do for one another.

This particular story was one that we just had to share with you.

Once upon a time there was man named Lee who was so in love with a woman named Lisa. Lee and Lisa were childhood sweethearts who had been dating for 13 years. They were so in love and excited to be building a beautiful life together in Wales.

One day in June, just two years ago, he arranged an elaborate but fun scavenger hunt around their village in search of the treasure. Clue after clue, Lisa finally found the treasure – a beautiful engagement ring – and said ‘YES’.

Two years later, this past June, they were married in Cardiff Bay, UK at the beautiful St. David’s Hotel & Spa, and as they exchanged vows of ‘til death do us part’, they knew exactly how meaningful those words were.

You see, Lisa’s wedding gift to her husband Lee was not only unique and memorable, but life changing. She would give her new husband the gift of life – her kidney.

Lee had been suffering from Diabetes for 26 years which got a lot worse two and a half years ago when his ankles and legs started swelling up and he was experiencing severe difficulty in his breathing. After he came home from a gorgeous holiday in Spain he was rushed to the hospital and immediately put on emergency dialysis. He and Lisa found out that he was experiencing kidney failure: both of his kidneys were functioning at only 5% of their full capacity. He then went on hemodialysis three times a week and hooked up to a machine that would clean his blood.

Just as things seemed to be under control again, just a year later, he had another major health scare and had to be put into a medically induced coma. Lee had experienced a stroke caused by severely high blood pressure. It was then that it was apparent that this was a life or death situation for Lee.

Lisa has been by his side every moment to endure it all with him and didn’t for one second even consider any other alternative except to get through this with him. When the results came back that she was a match to be a kidney donor, it was a no brainer what the pain-scared bride-to-be would do.

Despite being petrified of the very painful procedure, it’s a gift that Lisa was elated to give to her now, beloved husband, Lee.

“It really is the perfect wedding present,” Lee said. “But this gift isn’t anything I can really repay or give back. She is going through all of this for me and I will never be able to show my thanks enough. I will just have to look after it as much as possible.”
The procedure is going to take place in about 6-9 months and we here at the PWG wish them a healthy recovery and will keep you posted on the happy ending.
What is the most selfless gift you have ever given or received?

Story first seen in Wales Online

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