Tips on choosing the right Toronto Venue

Choosing the right Toronto venue for your wedding is mandatory. Here are 7 tips that will help you in selecting the perfect wedding spot.


As we’ve said in past blog posts, you must know your budget. Without it, you are asking for trouble. There are so many things to consider when it comes to budget that ultimately we recommend you consult with a professional Wedding Planner or Coordinator to create a preliminary budget sheet for you to follow. There are often fees like SOCAN, Landmark Fees, Service Fees, Venue Fees and Gratuities that are often not mentioned when you are being quoted a per person price.  In addition, they may charge for other items that you don’t even think about when booking.  Items like linens, specific napkins, parking and even the labour on certain napkin folds and décor placement. Make sure you ask as many questions as possible and get the answers you need.


How many people does the venue hold? Simple right? Not necessarily. Make sure when you are being quote on maximum capacities you ask if that includes a dancefloor big enough for all the guests to dance as well as a DJ station. Also, you should make sure that tables are not going to be so close together that people are packed in like sardines.


Consider your guests. Where are most going to be coming from? Is parking accessible easily or will your guests need to go on a hunt? If the venue is all stairs, do they have a handicap accessibility point?  Your location can make or break your event. If you want to invite 200 people but it’s inconvenient for 100 or more of them, it would make for a very uncomfortable situation. However, if your heart is set on a location that is an hour away, perhaps considering the option of Bus transportation for your guests would make sense.

Venue’s Flexibility.

When selecting your location you also want to explore the venues flexibility.  What will they allow you to bring in; what are their restrictions? Some venues have preferred vendors that they solely use (Décor, DJ, Catering, Cakes etc). If you have your heart set on a late night food truck or Ice Cream Truck, it’s bet to check before you put down deposit. You also want to find out what time set up can occur and when you need to clear out by. Will they allow you to come in to set up in the morning or will you need to do it 2 hours before your event. With some venues hosting multiple weddings a day, they need to accommodate which may mean your times will be specific.


Does the venue have availability? Is your preferred date available and furthermore if you are having your ceremony and reception on one site will there be time logistically for both? Make sure your timing coincides with theirs.

Know what you want.

Don’t go into the venue with no ideas of what you want. Even if it’s just the number of guests, menu, bar & times preferred. Price will be very different depending on the dish. Remember you get what you pay for, so be realistic. Getting Surf and Turf on a Roast Chicken budget is reason to question the quality of your food.

Time of Year.

Always be mindful of the time of year of your wedding. Not simply because of weather but also because of road closures, traffic and construction schedules.

Also, during the winter, it is recommended that your venue is close to your ceremony location so that your guests don’t need to get back on the road in case of bad weather. As we all know, Toronto is a hub for special events, marathons and construction so road closures are not only common, expected.

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