How much should you tip your wedding vendors?


One cost that many Toronto Couples don’t think about is setting aside tips for their wedding vendors. The question is how much should you tip your wedding vendors?

Tipping in the GTA is not obligatory for the most part, but it is proper etiquettenot to mention very important to show your appreciation via gratuity for a job well done. Below we have provided you with a tipping guideline to help you along. Please note that vendors are not listed in any particular order and it’s ultimately your decision who you will tip. Just make sure you double check your contracts to ensure that a tip has not already been accounted for. For any additional vendors that may be working your wedding (candy buffet, food truck, speciality stations, childcare etc.), the 2-5% of the contracted service fee should be a safe calculator to follow.

Florist – If your florist is personally dropping of your flowers to you and they have more than one location to drop off to, you might consider tipping them $15.00 per location. Some florists will send a delivery company and charge you a delivery fee, but if they are providing you personal delivery service, it’s a nice idea to show that you appreciate that.

Decorator/Designer: If your decorator has gone above and beyond a thank you card and either a monetary or small gift is a great idea.
DJ/MC - $75 & up.  If your DJ is taking care of the MC’, lighting, creating a repertoire etc. Then your tip should be in the higher realm.
Photographer and Videographer – $50 & up (2%-5% of the total fee). The tip is for the day of services typically and not the deliverables.

Your Wedding Coordinator/Planner – For coordination services (day-of  or month-of coordination), $50 and up depending on the service. For full planning 10-15% of the total fee.

Servers - 15% of the total catering bill. Sometimes, this is already included in your catering or venue contract. Always ask if gratuity is included in the service fee.

Bartenders - 10% of the total liquor bill or $75 & up for each bartender. Remember that it is bad etiquette for a Bartender to have a tip jar on the bar on your wedding day. Ensure that they are aware that they will be tipped at the end of the night by you.
Ceremony or Reception Musicians - $10 and hour per musician or 10% of the total fee for a band.
Entertainers/Dancers/Magicians - $25 and up per entertainer.
Officiant/Minister/Justice of the Peace– A donation for their church or organization of $50 or more is appropriate.
Makeup artist or Hair Stylists – Same as you would tip them at the salon 10-15%.
Limousine/Bus/Transportation: Drivers – 10% of the service fee given at the end of the service. Always ask if tip is expected before you book your limousine company.
Valet: $ 1.00 per vehicle
Coat Room Attendant: $1.00/per guest

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