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Add the beauty of a live dove or butterfly release to your Toronto Wedding. Include the fun of a photo or video booth. Provide entertainment & supervision for the kids during the ceremony and reception. Click below for these unique Toronto area wedding services: live dove & butterfly releases, photo and video booths, wedding day childcare & dance lessons:

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Finding the best wedding service directory in Toronto may be the easiest thing that you do when first planning your wedding. Dance lessons in Toronto are easy to find once you know where to look. The Perfect Wedding Guide has been the most trusted wedding services directory in Toronto since 1997. We have been helping brides, grooms and their friends and families with all of their most unique wedding day ideas like; wedding dance lessons in Toronto, wedding day childcare in Toronto, photo booth rentals in Toronto, video booth rentals in Toronto and even live dove releases in Toronto. You simply will not find a more complete wedding services directory in the Toronto area than The Perfect Wedding Guide.

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The Perfect Wedding Guide is the best wedding services directory in Toronto for a reason. You will find unique wedding services like wedding dance lessons in Toronto and wedding day childcare in Toronto and you most likely will not find these types of services on many of our rival wedding services directories. In Toronto, we have become one of the most trusted names in the wedding services world. We have connections with all of the best wedding vendors in Toronto and have long relationships with many of them that have been intact since we first started in 1997. That is nearly fifteen years of working together to help the newest couples in our city have the most spectacular wedding day experience they could ever imagine. As one of the most respected and utilized wedding services directories in Toronto we want to invite you to look over our entire website to gain ideas about what would help to make your wedding day the most memorable experience of your life.

Companies that offer wedding day childcare in Toronto.

You will be able to find unique services like wedding day childcare in Toronto on our website. We have listings of companies that rent photo booths, video booths and companies that do things like live dove releases in Toronto or even butterfly releases in Toronto to make your wedding day that much more special. If you have never seen a live dove release or a butterfly release at a Toronto wedding, then you cannot imagine the beauty and grace of watching those stunning creatures fill the sky around the new couple.