Wedding Dress Shopping: The Good, The Bad & The Honest-To-Goodness Truth!

Wedding Dress Shopping - The Good, The Bad and the Honest Truth!

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You’re engaged! Yay! We bet you can’t wait to get shopping for your Perfect Wedding Dress!

It can be very overwhelming to take the plunge and venture out to the Bridal Boutiques & you likely have a thousand questions: Should you choose a white, ivory or completely non-traditional and adorn a coloured dress? What style is right for you? What should you budget for it and where should you start?

Following are some valuable Do’s and Dont’s to get you started on your ‘find-the-perfect-dress’ scanvenger hunt.

DO: Get inspired from Magazines or Pinterest.

Whichever way you are being inspired for your Wedding Gown, print (or rip out) your top two or three choices & bring them with you to the Bridal Salon. It’s the best way to have the Bridal Consultant quickly understand your style. If you don’t have any, maybe bring with your some ‘vision board’ pics of your wedding design.

DON’T: Overshop or Shop too early.

If you have found the dress, stop Shopping! Whether it’s the first shop you went into or the fifth, when you fall in love with a dress don’t hesitate to ‘Say Yes To the Dress!’

Many Brides get engaged 18 months or more before their wedding and want to start shopping for their dress immediately. We suggest you shop and order about 9-12 months before your wedding date. Firm up your main wedding details first. Things like your budget, venue and overall style of your wedding are important in making your Wedding Dress decision. It will also give you time to save.

DO: Be open minded

More often than not, the dress you fell in love with on a model or on the rack, might be the least flattering on you. This is normal. There are so many designed dresses that flatter different body types & match each Bride differently.

Allow your Bridal Consultant some leeway to implement their expertise by selecting a couple of gowns they feel will suit you. You may be surprised that some of the best dresses are ones you never considered.

DON’T: Get hung up on size.

Most Bridal Wear sizing is still using a Pre-World War II size chart used to make uniforms, not modern ready to wear sizing. To make things more complicated, each designer has their own size charts. For example, you might be a size 2 in your regular ‘Street-size’, but find yourself ordering a size 10 Wedding Dress. It doesn’t mean you need to go on a strict fast for the next 6 months, don’t worry.

DO: Order your Gown based on your current measurements.

Sure, we’d all like to lose some weight, but ordering your dress based on what you ‘might’ do is a mistake. Planning your wedding can be a stressful time on it’s own without adding unrealistic expectations of losing 4 sizes to the mix. As your Bridal Consultant will advise you, order your current size and you can always alter it afterwards. Many dresses can be taken in up to 4 sizes without compromising the overall style of the dress.

DON’T: Bring your entire entourage with you.

We know it’s easy to get swepted way with excitement and you’ll want to bring your 6 person wedding party, your Mom, Grandma and fave aunt with you share the moment, but too many opinions can drive you to tears and ruin what should be a beautiful life experience.

Instead bring no more than three people with you. One: the person who is paying (if it’s not you). Two & Three: people who are honest with you while understanding that it’s ultimately your day. You have to love the dress regardless if its their top choice or not.

There is a myth that we constantly hear that the person paying has the final say. The truth is that the person paying has a say on what they will contribute financially, but certainly don’t have the last word on your Wedding Gown. Your wedding should be your style.

Wedding Dress Shopping - The Good, The Bad and the Honest Truth!


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