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The Best Favours and bombonieres for your Toronto wedding

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The word “bomboniere” comes from the Italian “favours”. In the past these have been small keepsakes that wedding guests take home as a token of thanks from the bride and groom. These days they are not only given out at weddings but also at other wedding parties and wedding showers. We can help you find just the right gifts to say thank-you to your guests. The Perfect Wedding Guide includes a large section devoted to wedding favours and wedding bombonieres specialists in the Toronto area. Visit Toronto Wedding Favours and Bombonieres now to help with your selection.

Wedding favours are often candied almonds, mints, chocolates or something more contemporary such as stemware, candles and other giftware. Beautifully presented – often wrapped or decorated in your wedding colours and then personalized with the bride and groom’s name.

Making Your Own Wedding Party Favours
A word of caution – especially if you are having a large wedding – you will most likely miss-judge how much time it will take to make party favours for a large group. It is a huge undertaking that starts out as a labour of love and can sometimes become a tedious chore. Storing a large quantity of gifts can be difficult so plan for damage and breakage. If you do decide to make your wedding favours, plan to start at least 12 months in advance. If you want to give your wedding favours a personal touch, consider buying the gifts and accenting with you own special touch when wrapping and presenting. Make hand written tags with your names in coordinating ink. Use special paper or buy a complimentary stamp to decorate. If you go to the scrapbook section of any craft store there are many creative ideas to help you personalize your gifts.

Wedding Favours and Your Wedding Theme
Your wedding favours should reflect the theme of your wedding. This can be done with colours, style or the favour itself; engraved wine glasses at an elegant affair or sunglasses and sunscreen for a wedding on the beach. Decorate your party favours with coloured tulle, ribbons, cellophane or fabric to match your wedding colours. Have sleek modern candle holders for contemporary wedding; Kitschy or retro candy for a fun casual wedding. Your wedding favours are a way to add your own style to your wedding day – have fun with it!

Your Wedding Favours and Budget
Have a budget and stick to it. The average cost of party favours is about 2–3% of the cost of your entire wedding budget. Do buy a few extra wedding favours to have on hand, some may be lost or you may decide to add more guests and find it impossible to get more of your items.

Some Wedding Favour Suggestions and Ideas

  • An elegant picture frame can double as a place card holder. Use a frame that compliments your wedding theme. Like ornate silver for a Victorian look.
  • Scented soaps are a great way to add a splash of colour.
  • Candles are popular – small votives wrapped in matching tulle or elegant tapers in satin ribbon.
  • Candy is always a favourite choice – anything from traditional Jordan Almonds, personalized chocolate bars or upscale truffles.
  • Tree seedlings or packets of perennial seeds. Great for a spring wedding.
  • Fortune cookies with a special message from the bride and groom.
  • Teas, coffees and hot chocolate have become increasingly popular. They can be presented in so many ways – small packets, in a mug, ribbon wrapped and more!

You can personalize pretty much any wedding favour with tags (labels with your names and wedding date), by ordering monogrammed ribbons, or by making them yourself.

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