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Wedding Tips: Toronto Wedding Photographers

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The wedding memories you will keep and share with your family and friends will be captured forever in your wedding pictures, so choose your wedding photographer carefully. Fortunately, when it comes to findingthe best wedding photographer Toronto offers a rich selection to choose from.

We can provide some useful tips and introduce you to a comprehensive list of the best Toronto wedding photographers. But first, the most important tip in choosing a photographer for your wedding: choose a professional photographer! Find one who has a proven track record at shooting weddings. Uncle Bob may have a fancy new camera and lots of talent and he’s ready to save you a bundle, but unless he does this for a living, you still need a professional wedding photographer.

We will show you that if you are looking for professional wedding photography, Toronto and the surrounding area have some of the very best. We are here to help you find a wedding photographer in Toronto or the area that you feel is the right one for you.

When to start Looking for a Wedding Photographer

You should book your photographer nine to twelve months before your wedding date. See our Wedding Checklist for details.

The Wedding Photographer’s Style

Some photographers work in the style of wedding photojournalism. The photojournalist will record your day as it unfolds, capturing the laughter, tears, and spontaneity of your wedding in a candid and realistic style. Other photographers are more formal in their approach, focusing on posed and grouped shots in a more controlled setting with carefully chosen backgrounds. Most wedding photographers will work in a blend of these styles, shooting both posed and candid photos throughout the day.

As well as these basic styles, you will find that some photographers are more quirky, adventurous, artistic, even edgy in their style while others are more conservative and traditional. The choice depends on your own style and your trust in the photographer’s artistic vision.

As you view our selection of wedding photographers working in the Greater Toronto Area, you will have a chance to see the many different styles they work in.

Wedding Photography Prices

You will find a range of pricing among the Toronto photographers featured here. Price should be only one of your considerations for choosing a wedding photographer. Should you go with the lowest priced? Price is usually an indicator of the quality and level of service, but everyone has experienced exceptions to this rule. A good policy is to go with the lowest price that still offers you the quality, services and confidence you want. Sometimes that may mean the lowest priced photographer, but it could also be that only the highest priced wedding photographer can give you the quality and service that you demand.

When comparing prices, you must keep in mind what you get for a given price: how many proofs, how many prints of which sizes, how many hours and which venues are covered.

Digital Photography or Film?

Professional digital cameras are capable of taking photographs with quality and resolution equal those taken with a medium format film camera. They also have the advantage of taking photographs that can be easily touched up and enhanced (in the hands of a skilled operator).

On the other hand, some photographers insist on using only film, and the quality of their photos speaks for itself. In the end, it is the photographer’s skill, vision and dedication that will determine the quality of your wedding pictures.

Choose the wedding photographer you are comfortable with and whose work you most admire, regardless whether it is digital or film.

Interviewing Your Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer should show you a professional portfolio. This should give you a sense of his/her style and skill. You may also want to see a proof book of an entire wedding.

Do they work with black & white and sepia as well as full colour? Do they do retouching? Do you get a proof album, a CD-ROM, a DVD? Do they offer an on-line ordering process? What is the processing time for you to get your proofs and then your prints? How much do prints cost and what sizes are available?

Is the person you are talking to the one who will actually be shooting your wedding? If not, who will?

Besides the wedding ceremony, what venues are to be covered? Groom’s house before the wedding? Bride’s house before the wedding? Individual and group portraits after the ceremony? Reception and late night? How many hours are covered? Do they also sell wedding photo albums?

Study the contract and ask questions. What if the photographer is sick or otherwise indisposed on your wedding day? What is their cancellation policy? Will they provide some references?

Photographer’s Checklist

It can be a good idea to provide your Toronto wedding photographer with a list of all the family members, wedding party members, and important guests who will have to be included in the photographs. You should have a list of everyone who will be in the extended family portrait – you wouldn’t want to leave Uncle Bob out.

We hope we have provided some answers about wedding photography in general and choosing the right wedding photographer for your wedding in particular. You can begin looking for the perfect Toronto wedding photographer by clicking the link below. Read at their ads, visit their web sites and them ask questions. We are sure that you will find the perfect wedding photographer in Toronto to tell your wedding tales!

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