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Important tips for choosing your wedding cake

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Your wedding cake is a centrepiece of your wedding. When you are shopping for your wedding cake Toronto and the surrounding area offer a wide selection of bakers to choose from. Our site features the top wedding cake experts in the Greater Toronto Area.

You will find cakes in every imaginable style, flavour and colour for your Toronto wedding. Look for cakes in traditional styles or with whimsical toppers, and in the latest trends, including wedding cupcakes.

Wedding Cake Styles

The traditional wedding cake is usually white or light yellow, covered with Royal Icing, and made up of three to five round tiers, with or without supporting columns. The construction can be quite ornate and elegant. Some Toronto brides opt for a more personal and modern style. Their wedding cakes may be square or heart-shaped, or have tiers of different shapes and colours.

Today’s wedding cakes may be a combination of pastel colours or a single bright, saturated colour. They may be decorated with sugar-frosting flowers, real flowers, icing bows and ribbons, lace, charms, beads, or other creative decorations that your wedding cake specialist can show you. Other styles of wedding cake Toronto weddings have seen include wedding cupcakes and miniature wedding cakes, tiered or fancifully shaped.

Wedding Cake Flavours and Icing

Besides the traditional wedding cake flavours, many Toronto brides are choosing more adventurous flavours. Cakes that are flavoured with liqueur, such as Grande Marnier, or cappuccino flavouring will add a touch of sophistication to your Toronto wedding. Popular this year are lemon, lime, and orange flavoured wedding cakes as well as chocolate, almond and fresh fruit in season. You may also want to consider
such flavours as spice, carrot, or chocolate for your wedding cake. Some brides have opted to have several flavours in the same cake to give their wedding guests a choice.

The Icing, or frosting, decorating your wedding cake can be one of several different types, including Royal Icing, Buttercream, Fondant, Pastillage, and Marzipan. Which to use depends on the type of cake, how it will be decorated and what kind of look you want. Check with your bakery or wedding cake specialist to see samples and get advice on which is right for your needs. When deciding on colours for your cake you can consider the colours in your wedding gown and your wedding flowers for a unified look.

Wedding Cake Toppers

You can choose a traditional looking bride and groom topper or something more whimsical and fanciful for your wedding cake. They can be made of plastic, ceramic, or porcelain and some can be enhanced by the use of fresh flowers. In fact, fresh flowers are often used as cake toppers and decorations. When choosing a topper, be sure to balance its size and weight with the size of cake.

Cutting the Wedding Cake

Be sure the person cutting your cake knows how many pieces are required and has a cutting plan that will yield the right number. Your wedding cake supplier may be able to give you detailed instructions for how best to cut your cake.

As a general rule, a tiered wedding cake is cut from the outside working toward the centre, starting with the bottom tier and cutting to where it meets the second tier, then cutting the second tier to where it meets the third, and so on. The knife should be wiped clean with a damp cloth between cuts. The top tier can be kept and frozen for the celebration of your first anniversary.

The first piece can be ceremonially cut by the bride and groom together, with his right hand over hers. Then each offers the other a bite of the piece just cut.

Ordering Your Wedding Cake

You should order your wedding cake nine to twelve months before your Toronto wedding date. Make sure you have gone over all the details with your bakery or cake supplier and seen (and tasted) samples. Have the order in writing, showing all the particulars of the cake and decorations as well as all charges, including special fillings, decorations and delivery (if extra). Make sure the order includes the delivery instructions and double check the delivery date, time, and location.

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