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Your Wedding Invitation gives the first impression for your Toronto wedding. Express yourself with flair and elegance through the wedding invitations you send! Personalized invitations from any of the fine Greater Toronto Area invitation and stationery specialists featured in The Perfect Wedding Guide are sure to make the right impression on your wedding guests.

Ordering Your Wedding Invitations – The Wedding Checklist

Six to nine months before your wedding date is when you should choose and order your wedding invitation. Toronto Area invitation specialists, as featured here, have the selection to make that easy.

Wedding Invitation Styles

You can decide between a strictly traditional, formal style of invitation or a more personal modern style. Or you may find a happy blend of styles, say a traditional look with a less formal, more modern message.

The traditional wedding invitation is very formal in style. It is generally engraved on fine light brown or white paper with black ink. The wording is formal and written in the third person and addressed from the parents of the bride to the guest, often beginning “Mr. and Mrs. Braithwaite request the honour of your presence…” followed by lines giving the date, venue, etc. The typeface for these invitations is usually a formal, old-fashioned script.

The traditional wedding invitation is usually sent in two envelopes, the outer one is where the name and address of the guest is written and the inner one just the name and title of the guest. The inner envelope contains the wedding invitation protected by an elegant sheet of tissue.

On the other hand, you should feel free to depart from this formal tradition is you so wish, and our featured Toronto Area wedding invitation specialists can show you many exciting alternatives.

There are many kinds of paper to choose from, including rag (cotton), wood fibre and hand made in a variety of textures. You can choose from many different colours and shapes for your invitation. You can have your message printed by traditional engravure, thermography (rich looking raised ink) or offset printing. You can have your picture printed on you wedding invitation – photo invitations are becoming very popular.

There are many embellishments you can use to enhance your invitation, such as silk ribbons, wax seals, pressed flowers, embossing and illustrations. As well, you can make your message less formal and more personal, such as having it written in the first person and addressed from the bride and groom.

Other Wedding Stationery

You may require a reception card, a separate invitation to the reception. If only some of your guests are being invited to the reception, you must enclose the reception card with their invitations. If all guests are invited to the reception, you may use a reception card or you may include the reception information in the wedding invitation’s message.

Other items you may wish to enclose with your wedding invitations are travel instructions and map, parking information, pew card, a program of the ceremony, reply card, etc. You may also want to choose your thank you cards at this time if you want a consistent look with your wedding invitations.

Invitation Tips

When you order your wedding invitation, it’s a good idea to order more than you think you need. You may want to invite guests who were not on your original list, and it is much less expensive to print more than you need than it is to make a special order for just a few.

Don’t forget to make follow-up calls to any invited guests who has not responded by two weeks before the wedding.

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