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“With this ring, I thee wed.” – Your Wedding Band symbolizes the bond between a husband and wife, the circle representing perfect union with no beginning or end. The tradition of exchanging wedding bands dates back to the days of the Roman Empire and is still meaningful today. The practice of giving an engagement ring as a promise of marriage can be traced back to the 13th century. The diamond in the engagement ring symbolizes indestructible love. There are many tales and myths surrounding the wedding band, making the purchase of your own wedding rings one of the most significant aspects of your wedding plan.
Because your wedding rings are more that just jewellery, choosing the wedding band you will each wear is an important decision which should be done twelve or more months before the wedding date. We can show you Fine Jewellers in the Greater Toronto Area who can guide you in your choice of wedding band, a diamond engagement ring and all your wedding jewelry. Browse our Wedding Jewellery directory online or visit stores in person to get a sense of the styles and prices available.

When to Buy Your Wedding Bands:
The general rule of thumb is to buy your wedding bands 9-12 months before your wedding day.
Keep in mind your ring size may change as you get closer to your wedding day. A ring that fits perfectly the month before may be too loose after the hectic pace of planning a wedding is over. You may go up as high as one full ring size.

Choosing a Material:
Wedding bands are traditionally made of gold, white gold or platinum. If you are looking at gold wedding band – select those made from 14k or 18k gold. They are high quality and durable enough to last a lifetime. Avoid wedding bands that contain nickel – many people have a slight allergy and even a small amount of nickel can cause a reaction.
One of the newest wedding band materials to emerge in the market is titanium. It is light and very strong, a great choice if you are athletic or work with your hands. Any one of the jewellers in our Wedding Band directory will help you choose the wedding band material that best suits your lifestyle and budget.

Comfort and Styling:
A ring that has rounded edges will generally be more comfortable than one with sharp angular edges. The width of a ring is has lot to do with its comfort, and those with small hands should avoid wide wedding bands. A woman’s wedding band should be about the same width or slightly larger than her engagement ring.
Ask your jeweller about comfort curve fittings. The inside of the ring has been shaped to fit more naturally over your finger and will be more comfortable if you plan to wear your ring daily. Try on many rings and then many more rings. An experienced jeweller can tell you if the shape and style fits your hand and fingers and will make suggestions about the styling. Visit a local Toronto jeweller for more advice on purchasing your wedding band.

Matching or Complementary Wedding Bands
Traditionally couples have bought their wedding bands in sets. This has changed over the years, with it becoming equally acceptable to have complementary wedding bands. Rings can complement each other by sharing the same type of material, styling or stones. Rings can both be made of platinum or share a vintage feel. If you choose different materials then share similar engravings or design. Have matching stones in the wedding bands to complete the look. More and more brides and their grooms are looking for uniqueness and individuality. Work with your jeweller to create your own design.
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