Fun Winter Wedding Ideas


There is something very romantic and fairy-tale-like about having a winter wedding. From the beautiful wedding attire to the glorious festive decor, fun winter wedding ideas and inspiration are plentiful.

Pictures of Elegant White Horses trotting along pulling the Bridal carriage to the Church, Fur Capes brushing upon the snow, Church bells ringing and magical sounds of merriment leading the procession. What more magical and dreamlike wedding can you ask for? Right? For some, it’s perfection, but for others, a Majestic Dark horse riding into the sunset along a sandy white beach after a beautiful seaside ceremony is the ideal scenario.

Whatever your taste, a winter wedding is stunning and definitely worth considering. Here are some fun and unique ideas to get you all warmed up with the idea of winter nuptials.

Hot Chocolate Station. Include flavoured hot chocolate, Chocolate Fondue and even tasty marshmallow’s in your wedding colours for guests to warm up with.

If the wedding is somewhere hot, how about a ‘Cold Chocolate’ station as opposed to a Hot Chocolate station? You can have iced cocoa, fudgesicles and even chilled coffee with chocolate liqueur as a late night treat.

Instead of a guest book, how about paper snowflakes where your guests can write their wishes for you. You can later glue these throughout your wedding photo album.

Don’t use flowers for your bouquet, how about branches adorned with crystals and small brooches and ornaments throughout. Not only will it be a great keepsake, but certainly one of a kind.

Instead of the typical red, white, gold and green, how about brass, silver and blue? There are no rules that say you have to follow the ‘Christmas’ colour palette just because your wedding is in the winter.

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Inspiration: Photo Booths. Creating Memories for Your Guests

Flash Point PhotoBooth Toronto

Flash Point Photobooth Toronto

Year after year, wedding couples struggle to find elements to add to their wedding to make their day extra memorable for their guests. Year after year new trends are introduced to amp up a wedding and bring that extra element of brilliance so that guests can OOH and AAH over! We’ve seen it all, from champagne towers, food trucks, Oyster bars, salsa dancers, magicians and even Caricaturists. However, one way that has become a hit, not to mention super memorable, is the addition of a Photo booth.

Celebrity Photo Booth Toronto

Celebrity Photo Booth Toronto

Gone are the days where fun candid shots consisted of the couple providing a disposable camera for each table. Remember that trend? The one where the couple wanted guests to take random photos of each other throughout the reception to document the fun from their angle? It was a great idea in theory; but aside from lost cameras and badly exposed photos, guests would tend to take some distasteful photos and usually would fill the camera before the meal was even done with photos of their half eaten courses and miscellaneous blurry table shots.

Babylon Photo Booth Toronto

Babylon Photo Booth Toronto

Thankfully, photo booths have moved in and solved this problem. They are an affordable add-on for any wedding and have become a distinctive touch that creates great documented memories for the couple and their guests. Photo booths are also a great icebreaker to get guests mingling and are perfect for cocktail hour, after dinner or both. Regardless of how elegant or casual, big or small, and your budget, a Photo Booth can fit right in. There are many types of photo booths to consider. From a raised White backdrop operated by a photographer to a stand-alone machine that is user operated.

Toronto Photo Booth

Toronto Photo Booth

Babylon Photo Booth Toronto

Babylon Photo Booth Toronto

It’s also great to have a prop-trunk consisting of everything from colourful boa’s, quirky glasses, hats, masks etc. It can even be Theme specific. Here are some fun ideas for specific themes. Themes can be taken from your actual wedding design, something that represents you as a couple or even the location of your honeymoon. Be creative and have fun!

50’s Theme: A photo-backdrop of a diner or if you are having photo frames for your guests to take home, design it in the shape of a jukebox. Props: soda floats, poodle skirts, leather jackets and Elvis, Greaser or Bouffant wigs, Elvis Costumes, cat-eye glasses and sideburns.

Moulin Rouge Theme: Red Velvet Backdrop or Red Curtained Photo Booth. Props: Top Hats, Sailor Hats, Feather Boas, Moustaches, fancy corsets and masks.

Hawaiian Theme: A Green Screen that can later have a Hawaiian Beach Background put on for the printed photo. Props: Grass Skirt, Sunglasses, Big Glasses, Surfboards, Lei’s, Hawaiian Shirts, Pineapple and Fruit Hats.

The great thing is that regardless of the props you choose your guests will talk about for years to come!

Rockstar Photo Booth

Rockstar Photo Booth

Inspiration Monday – The Great Gatsby

Here at, we love eye candy and love to be inspired! What better way then to glam up our first “Inspiration Post” with the literary classic The Great Gatsby.

We don’t know about you, but when we think of that era: the Roaring 20’s, we think of Champagne, Glitz, beautiful dresses, men in tuxes, incredible luxurious parties & of course jazz! Website:

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby - Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

My inspiration for this post came from combining these two images & then had fun tying it all together with some gorgeous Jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Website: Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

A beautiful 20’s inspired Wedding Dress by Galina Signature & stunning Groom’s Tuxe with bow tie by Tommy Hilfiger.
Websites to be credited: &

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby - Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby - Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

For the design of the reception, the mental Image I had was that of The Great Gatsby Album Cover (but in White) meets the richness of the Park Plaza…not an easy thing to look for – trust me!  However, I came across this amazing design of White Orchids by the exceptional Preston Bailey as well as the dessert table of dainty sweets by Amy Atlas! I think it works perfectly.

Websites: &

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby -

Monday Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby - Inspiration Post - The Great Gatsby - hope this helps you put together your ulitmate Great Gatsby theme or you can pull some of the details for your special day!