Fun Winter Wedding Ideas


There is something very romantic and fairy-tale-like about having a winter wedding. From the beautiful wedding attire to the glorious festive decor, fun winter wedding ideas and inspiration are plentiful.

Pictures of Elegant White Horses trotting along pulling the Bridal carriage to the Church, Fur Capes brushing upon the snow, Church bells ringing and magical sounds of merriment leading the procession. What more magical and dreamlike wedding can you ask for? Right? For some, it’s perfection, but for others, a Majestic Dark horse riding into the sunset along a sandy white beach after a beautiful seaside ceremony is the ideal scenario.

Whatever your taste, a winter wedding is stunning and definitely worth considering. Here are some fun and unique ideas to get you all warmed up with the idea of winter nuptials.

Hot Chocolate Station. Include flavoured hot chocolate, Chocolate Fondue and even tasty marshmallow’s in your wedding colours for guests to warm up with.

If the wedding is somewhere hot, how about a ‘Cold Chocolate’ station as opposed to a Hot Chocolate station? You can have iced cocoa, fudgesicles and even chilled coffee with chocolate liqueur as a late night treat.

Instead of a guest book, how about paper snowflakes where your guests can write their wishes for you. You can later glue these throughout your wedding photo album.

Don’t use flowers for your bouquet, how about branches adorned with crystals and small brooches and ornaments throughout. Not only will it be a great keepsake, but certainly one of a kind.

Instead of the typical red, white, gold and green, how about brass, silver and blue? There are no rules that say you have to follow the ‘Christmas’ colour palette just because your wedding is in the winter.

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