Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility Wedding Show

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2700 Audley Road
Ajax, ON, L1Z 1T7

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Get Ready! For one of the most talked about Wedding Shows in the Durham Region! Join us on Sunday, January 8th from 11AM to 4PM (Admission is Free!) for the 2017 Wedding Show at Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility Sponsored by The Wedding Opera. Find all you need to make your wedding day truly magical. From wedding decor, cakes, dresses and amazing ideas for what's trending in 2017 and beyond for your special day. There will also be some great prizes to be won! Pre-Register here today for a chance to win a FREE Ceremony at Deer Creek Golf & Banquet Facility and a $1000 Air Transat Gift Certificate! *Winner must be present at the Show to accept their prize and must have pre-registered.

2700 Audley Road
Ajax, ON
L1Z 1T7,Canada

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