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Riviera Parque
2800 Hwy #7
Woodbridge, ON,

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We have planned 3 distinct bridal fashion shows to go on (Classic, Modern and Creative), performing live, which will catch the audience and keep them sticking around in the venue with a grand prize give away to be given out at the end of the last show. From live bands, to solo musicians, dancers and more entertainers involved in making any show more exciting; you name it, we have it! We are planning a production set worth $50,000 that will surely im-press even those with an acquired taste. The day will be comprised of three performances at 2PM, 4:30PM and 7PM hosted by Canada’s only Celebrity Persian DJ, DJ Bliss and from L.A. Michael, a legendary Entertainer/MC/Comedian.

2800 Hwy #7
Woodbridge, ON

Phone: 416-874-8000
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